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Solomon Says: A great Game for Christian Parents | Episode # 70

Simply read a proverb correctly for a “True” proverb or misplace a key word with an opposite different word for a “False” Solomon Says.

Solar Eclipse on Okinawa | Leaders Solve Problems

Leaders Find Solutions to Problems. If we didn’t have problems we wouldn’t need leaders. In this video we’ll look at a solution to our solar eclipse problem.

The One Rule Christian Parents Break

There is one rule that Parents Break all too frequently. Don’t be that parent. ;-)

Spiritual Growth Software

I have read that all good things take longer than anticipated.  Our Spiritual Growth Software is no exception.    Just today, my intern Alex was asking, “What is the latest on the spiritual growth software?”  With the final changes and then some time for our initial testing it is still probably about two weeks out.  […]

Leaders Dream Big | Episode #64

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote – Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men. This video looks at the reason why leaders need to dream, pray and plan big.

Leaders Communicate Carefully | Leadercast Episode #63

Leaders Carefully choose their words as they communicate to others for the greatest impact.

Do I have to Keep a Journal?

Journal Keeping has helped thousands of Christians in their walk with the Lord. Can God use it in your life to draw you closer to himself?

The Power of Journaling | Episode #62

Journaling and praying scripture helps you to take in the word of God in a powerful way.

Leaders: How to Balance Family and Mission

Balancing Mission and Family can be difficult. Many do well with one and not the other. Jonathan Edwards is an example of a man who did both well.