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Track + Action = Traction

Achieving your goals can be full of speed bumps and road blocks. Are you having a hard time being productive? Always remember “Track + Action = Traction.” To have traction, to gain speed, you need a track to set your course on and a will to take action.

Who Are You Serving?

Who are you really serving? Are you serving God, or are you serving yourself? It’s important to check who you are really serving because as Christians, our lives should always be about serving Christ. This short clip will give a couple tips on how to figure out who you are really serving.

How to Get a Job

Looking for a job? Know someone looking for a job? Watch this video to help solve your problems!

4 Great Roles for Every Great Leader

A short clip on the four roles of a great leader.

5 Questions That Help You Succeed

Success is defined as “the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted” in the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, and there are 5 key questions that you must ask yourself if you want to succeed.