Leadership Development

Get off the Bench and Play

When you think about church you usually also think about the pastor who is in charge of that church. Most people would assume that a pastor is, or should be, responsible for everything that occurs at their church. But thats not the case, a pastor needs key people around them to help with the ministry.

Leaders help others Resolve Conflict | Episode # 58

Leaders face conflict. It’s part of the job description. In our development of Leaders we must absolutely help them resolve conflict in their lives.

Leaders Add Value

Leaders add value to their organizations, to their families, to their friends and to every group that they are a part of. How can you increase your value to those around you?

Reading Right – How to Get the Most from a book.

Effective leaders maintain an aptitude for learning throughout all of life. Show me a great leader, and I’ll show you a hungry learner. The old Irish proverb is true: “You have to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather is.”