Like Jesus

Hitching Hiking in Christ | Episode # 59

Each day you can put yourself in a position to be used of God.

Leaders Pray Through Their Day | Episode # 50

Do you ask God about your day and ask him to be involved in the work of your hands?

Help Your Spouse Flourish | Episode #46

With less than 50% of marriages not ending in divorce and probably half of those not great marriages the odds are stacked against you. Here’s one way to help ensure you are in the top 20%

The Power of Man who Leads like Jesus

Often it only takes one leader to step out and make a huge difference. Is there a need in your community that you can fill in a Christlike way? This video tells the story of a man who did just that.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Leader

Discipline: It’s often viewed as an ugly word but the extent to which we have it in our lives is the extent to which we are positioning ourselves to become more like Christ.

Leadership Training in the News

President George W. Bush has a great leadership lesson to teach us by the way he lives and who he pleases with his life.

Passing on Values to Your Kids

Earlier this week I watched the mission and was challenged to fight injustice in the world around me.  At first my thought was that there aren’t any big injustices that I can see right in Okinawa.  Then I remembered that we go to the beach by our house nearly every day and there is a […]

Loving God with all Your Mind – Episode #18

Looking out for the good of others

Thinking about the definition of leadership from the last post that is under girded with the desire for success of everyone that is around us kind of through me for a loop yesterday. In my 6 ½ years in the land of great customer service, Japan, (minus the fact that they lie from time to […]

George Lowden

I took a trip to Ireland with a bunch of youth workers in February and it was a great time. I expected to be inspired by the life of faith that Patrick lived. Interestingly I think it was the life of faith lived by George Lowden that was equally as inspiring. He was going to […]