Personal Growth

Insert Reading Here

I would guess that at least 1/4 of my reading is inserted into other areas of my life. This morning I went to walkmart and the book I am currently reading (The Speed of Trust) was a little too big so I grabbed a pocket New Testament and read from the car to the door. […]

Making Time to Read

I am working on a report now called Read to Grow. I think if people knew the benefits of reading and how it would impact their lives they would definitely spend more time reading. When I talk to people about reading the first thing most people say is that they don’t have time to read. […]

Tips for Planning

In today’s podcast I offer some of the ideas that have worked for me to help me better plan so that I can accomplish the things that I feel that God has for me to do. Hopefully, you will be able to walk away with a few things that will really help you to plan […]

The Leader and Time

Today’s podcast focuses on the leader and their use of time. Teach us the brevity of life so that we may gain wisdom. Psalm 91:12 NLT While it is a little dark going to might help to teach you the brevity of life. Personally I felt like my date was too early but you […]