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We are no longer updating this site. You can find all the original Leadercast content at www.XTrep.com and our new information for Christian Business Leaders -Buddy

Zig Ziglar Free Gift for Military

I really like Zig Ziglar and I love the United States military so I was stoked to see that Zig’s son Tom has opened the Ziglar Vault of all the best audio and video for free to any active duty member of the United States Armed Forces.  Makes me want to join the military.  OK, […]

Leadercast.com Email Accounts

If you are a young leader and would like to keep in mind that that is the role God has for you I am willing to give 10 people @leadernexus.com email accounts.  It is essentially a Gmail account with the leadercast domain so you get all the benefits of Gmail along with a really cool […]

Helping Christians become better leaders

This past week I finally decided to get serious about getting back into shape.  I think my pride had kept me from saying I am going to work out more or eat anything different than normal.  I have changed some of my eating habits and have been eating better but I haven’t consistantly excercised or […]

Developing People

Jim Turnage is one of my good friends and also an expert on developing people. I will interviewing Jim today about how young leaders can develop those around them. Check back  in two days for the  final audio.