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Christ Like Character | A Must for Christian Leaders

If you have any hope of finishing the Christian Life Strong you must have a Christ Like Character. This video takes a look at some ways for you to gain that character.

Athiest Speaks to the Importance of Christians sharing their faith

I found this on the and thought that it was a pretty good message for Christians, from an athiest, speaking both to the why and the how of sharing your faith with others. Penn is an atheist and famous magician from the duo Penn & Teller.

Leaders Maintain A Learning Posture

Leaders who finish well in life have to maintain a learning posture. Do you?

Leaders Who Finish Strong have a Vibrant Relationship w/ God

Leaders who finish strong have a life long vibrant relationship with God.

My Personal Leadership Values

I am working on my personal leadership values specifically as I think about leading my staff, and volunteer staff. This is a first draft. Any feedback you have would be welcomed. Buddy Rathmell Leadership Values *Passion for Christ *Each of us is responsible for the development of our own spiritual lives though we will encourage […]

Leadership Assassins #6 | Plateauing

Plateauing is easy for leaders especially in their late 30′s and 40′s when they have seen God use them in many ways. Their skills are often such that they can rely on them instead of God leading them to plateau and not continue on to the things that God has for them.

Leadeship Assassin #5 | Critical Family Issues

If your family is out of whack you are not fit to lead others. Do you best to help your family live lives that bring glory to God.

Leadership Assassin #4 | Pride

Leaders need to watch out for the silent leadership assassin. Leaders can learn to be open to feedback from others to help them spot pride in their own lives.

Leadership Assassin #3 | Abuse of Power

Abuse of power is a subtle but real Leadership Assassin that can take us out. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Zig Ziglar Free Gift for Military

I really like Zig Ziglar and I love the United States military so I was stoked to see that Zig’s son Tom has opened the Ziglar Vault of all the best audio and video for free to any active duty member of the United States Armed Forces.  Makes me want to join the military.  OK, […]