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Leaders Need to Read like Kings

Leaders need to be well read. Christian leaders not only need to be well read, but they need to be well grounded in the Bible as well.

Refusing to Lead

Refusing to Lead. Can the best thing a Leader does be refusing to lead? Peter Rollins thinks so. Watch the video to find out why. Article by Dave Browing

The Power of Man who Leads like Jesus

Often it only takes one leader to step out and make a huge difference. Is there a need in your community that you can fill in a Christlike way? This video tells the story of a man who did just that.

Leaders Add Value

Leaders add value to their organizations, to their families, to their friends and to every group that they are a part of. How can you increase your value to those around you?

Can I know for Sure if I am a Christian?

Many Christians wonder at some point in their lives if they are a truly a Christian. This video answer the question and helps you know if you are in Christ.

Good Vs. Best: The Leaders Toughest Choice

So many times leaders get sidetracked from the best that God has for them by focusing on the good. Don’t fall into that trap.

Ask for Total Commitment

Often we soft sell people when asking them to join a cause. It might be better to follow the example of Christ and ask them to give their all.

Eat that Frog | The Practice of Killing Procrastination

Do you ever have projects that stay on your to do list and you never seem to get them done in a timely manner. The Eat That Frog Principle can help.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Leader

Discipline: It’s often viewed as an ugly word but the extent to which we have it in our lives is the extent to which we are positioning ourselves to become more like Christ.

Leaders need Periods of Renewal

Many times leaders don’t seek or recognize God given periods of renewal. For leaders to finish well they need to make the most of these times.