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Leaders and their Sense of Destiny

Leaders often have a growing awareness of their destiny as they go through life lead

Break in Posts

Sorry there haven’t been any posts the last few days. I was at a military resort called Okuma and the internet was not cooperating with Mac Books. Imagine that. I have to admit it was nice not to check my email, facebook and twitter for a few days. I wonder if that would be a […]

Leaders Maintain A Life-Time Perspective

If you are going to be a leader that finishes well you need to maintain a life-time perspective to help you get through the bumps in life and to make smart decisions to get you to your ultimate goal.

Mentors, Successful Leaders Need a Bunch

Leaders who finish well in life have between 10 and 50 mentors over the course of their lives. Who is mentoring you?

Leaders Live out the Truth of God in life

Leaders Live out the Truth of God in their lives, knowing they can rest in the promises and the voice of the Lord.

Leaders Leave an Ultimate Contribution

Is your life focused enough to leave behind an ultimate contribution to the body of Christ. Leaders who finish strong do.