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Spiritual Disciples Free Audio Download

Godliness comes through discipline. It’s a tough statement, but one that I think has much truth to it.

Leaders Pray Through Their Day | Episode # 50

Do you ask God about your day and ask him to be involved in the work of your hands?

Leaders Plan their Day | Episode #49

It’s so easy to go through life without planning your day. That is why most people don’t plan. Leaders on the other hand, need to plan their day if they are to achieve the things that God leads them to.

Overcome Evil with Good | Episode #48

I gave my students 20 minutes to come up with a way to teach part of Romans 12 to the rest of the students. These guys did a great job coming up with a humorous way to teach Romans 12:20.

Leaders Know Their Priorities | Episode #47

If you are going to lead well knowing your priorities helps you to make wise decisions. If you don’t know your priorities you can be moved all over by the different winds and waves that come your way.

Help Your Spouse Flourish | Episode #46

With less than 50% of marriages not ending in divorce and probably half of those not great marriages the odds are stacked against you. Here’s one way to help ensure you are in the top 20%

Guard Your heart | Episode #45

Leaders Pass on a Desire to Know God | Episode #44

Leaders pass on a desire to know God through his word. If we aren’t passing on the basics to others, I don’t know that we are leading.

Is God Leading You to Lead? | Episode #43

Is God calling you to lead? When faced with a leadership opportunity you need to discern if God is leading you to it.

My Band of Brothers

We all need brothers to make it through life. I hope you have a group that is a band of brothers for you.