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Are you leading the right way? | Episode # 61

Often as leaders we don’t see the impact that our lives have on those we lead. This video contains a simple metaphor for leaders.

Humbling Experience & the Practical Value of Lists | Episode # 60

A few posts ago I referenced a post on the value of lists. This video shows how important they can be.

Hitching Hiking in Christ | Episode # 59

Each day you can put yourself in a position to be used of God.

Leaders help others Resolve Conflict | Episode # 58

Leaders face conflict. It’s part of the job description. In our development of Leaders we must absolutely help them resolve conflict in their lives.

Are you Detestable in God’s Sight? | Episode # 57

Did you know there is something that can make you detestable in the sight of God? Don’t let it be part of your life.

How to Create Practical Checklists

Creating Practical Checklists is a great way to save time and make sure that you don’t miss anything. Pilots, Surgeons and critical military commanders all use checklists and so should you.

Leadership Selection

Often one of the least attended to duties of leadership is selecting rising leaders. In this article Steve Moore gives great insights in looking for leaders in the rough.

The Power of Accountability

Do you have someone keeping you accountable in certain areas of your life? Are there others in your life that you keep accountable? I am up at 10:48 after the busiest week of my year and a really long day to boot because of the power of accountability. A couple of weeks ago I had […]

Don’t Be a Leader | Episode #56

Sometimes we step into positions of leadership that we shouldn’t be in. Don’t let that happen to you. Also an encouragement not to plateau as a leader.

Read and Take Notes! | Episode # 55

Reading is great. Reading and Taking Notes and interacting with what you have read and learned is even better. Here is a simple method for taking notes on what you read.